Can High DHEA Levels Cause Infertility?

What is considered a high DHEA level?

Extremely high levels (>700 or 800 ug/dL) in women are suggestive of a hormone-secreting adrenal tumor.

By contrast, DHEA-S04 levels are typically normal in the presence of ovarian tumors..

Does DHEA affect menstrual cycle?

Significant overproduction or DHEA-S in a girl may result in the development of masculine characteristics such as facial hair, deeper voice, acne, increased muscle mass, and irregular or absence of menstrual periods.

How does high DHEA affect fertility?

By supplementing with DHEA, it is possible to raise both to normal levels, and in doing so, dramatically increase the number and the quality of eggs retrieved in IVF. Clinical studies show that supplementing with DHEA significantly increases the pregnancy rate and live birth rate in IVF.

What causes high DHEA levels in females?

An increase in DHEA-sulfate may be due to: A common genetic disorder called congenital adrenal hyperplasia. A tumor of the adrenal gland, which can be benign or be a cancer. A common problem in women younger than 50, called polycystic ovary syndrome.

How long does DHEA stay in your system?

The elimination half-life of DHEA is 15-38 minutes, whereas the half-life of DHEAS is 7-22 hours. Renal excretion accounts for 51-73% of the elimination of DHEAS and its metabolites.

Does DHEA improve egg quality?

Recent studies show that DHEA may help increase follicular stimulation and estrogen production in women. Since DHEA production declines with age, taking a supplement may help improve egg quality for women diagnosed with Decreased Ovarian Reserve (DOR) or Premature Ovarian Failure (POF).

What does it mean if my DHEA is high?

If your level of DHEA-S is high, it may mean that you have adrenal cancer, tumors, or excess growth of hormone-producing tissue (hyperplasia). If your DHEA level is low, it may mean that your adrenal glands are not making enough hormones. This can be because of damage to the adrenal gland or a diseased pituitary gland.

How long does DHEA take to improve egg quality?

To improve egg quality and enhance female fertility, continuous supplementation with FERTINATAL® DHEA is recommended for a minimum of 6 weeks*. Evidence from medical research shows that positive effects of DHEA supplementation on egg quality continue accumulating until approximately 16 to 20 weeks (4-5 months)*.

Can DHEA help you get pregnant naturally?

DHEA may actually help women conceive. This is really encouraging, especially in light of it being both safe and natural. Among women taking DHEA, fertility may improve due to an increase in the number of “good-quality” eggs available for fertilization.

What are the symptoms of too much DHEA?

Possible side effects of DHEA supplements can include:Oily skin and acne, as well as skin thickening.Hair loss.Stomach upset.High blood pressure.Changes in menstrual cycle.Facial hair in women.Deepening of the voice in women.Fatigue.More items…•

Can high testosterone cause infertility in females?

Some women with high testosterone levels develop frontal balding. Other possible effects include acne, an enlarged clitoris, increased muscle mass, and deepening of voice. High levels of testosterone can also lead to infertility and are commonly seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

How long should you take DHEA for fertility?

Studies have demonstrated that supplementation for at least 6 weeks is required before, based on improved egg quality, statistically significant improvements in female fertility can be observed in women with low androgen levels. * Peak effectiveness is reached between 16-20 weeks of DHEA supplementation.