Does Josie Have A Crush On Hope?

Does Rafael remember hope?

Rafael is now back in human form, and while he’s suffering the effects of living a solitary life in the wild for far too long, he doesn’t remember Hope..

What is wrong with Lizzie Saltzman?

Lizzie Saltzman’s character on ‘Legacies’ has always been one that you’d have to look really hard to see anything you like. She’s selfish, jealous and extremely impulsive and deals with something no other character appears to do – Lizzie has a serious case of bipolar disorder.

Is hope a vampire?

Hope is not a vampire, but she has vampiric properties, especially in her blood. Her blood was able to heal her mother in the womb and other living things. … Her blood can be used to testify new vampires and hybrids. Her blood can heal a werewolf bite.

Will there be Season 3 of legacies?

In January 2019, The CW renewed the series for a second season which premiered on October 10, 2019. In January 2020, The CW renewed the series for a third season, set to premiere in January 2021.

How did Josie Mayweather die?

Accidental drug overdoseJosie Harris/Cause of death

Does hope Mikaelson drink blood?

Hope is part witch, vampire, and werewolf but she is a witch until she triggers her werewolf gene. Her blood can also create hybrids as shown in Season 1 Episode 22, when Haley died with her baby’s blood in her and was in transition and had to complete her transition by drinking Hope’s blood.

Does hope and Josie date?

Fast forward to Season 2, which began with Hope being forgotten after she had sacrificed herself to defeat Malivore. In the first episode of the season, we see Josie forming a bond with Landon Kirby — Hope’s boyfriend from the first season — and going on to date him.

Who was Hope’s first kiss?

HayleyRoman tells her how he was desiccated for decades after angering the wrong people. Later Roman meets Hope in the library and they discuss the latest update in the search for Hayley, which leads the two to share their first kiss.

Do Lizzie and Josie have to merge?

Season 1 of Legacies ended with the last twins of the Gemini Coven (Josie and Lizzie), finding out about The Merge. … In the Gemini Coven, when twins turn 22, they have to do the Merge. The twins fight, and the stronger twin both kills and absorbs the weaker one, becoming more powerful.

Is hope an original?

She is an Original Tribrid since she was born from the Original Hybrid Klaus. Just like the Mikaleson siblings mother is the “Original” Witch not the first witch ever though she created them and birth them. However Hope is actually an Original since she is the first ever tribrid.

Is Rafael in love with hope?

In season two, when Rafael’s memories about Hope were erased, he fell in love with her all over again.

Does Josie die?

In the midst of the warfare, Josie gets shot by a magical bullet that starts slowly killing her. But does Josie die on Legacies? Warning: Spoilers for Legacies Season 1 finale ahead. Luckily, Hope swoops in to save Josie’s life, so she is able to recover from her wounds.

Is Hope Mikaelson older than the Saltzman twins?

So yes Hope is older than the twin by 2 yr .

Why did Hope’s blood heal Josie?

If you’re wondering why Josie’s condition deteriorated so quickly, it was because she wasn’t shot by just any ordinary bullet. … Hope’s blood can also cure a werewolf bite, but because she is a tribrid (werewolf, witch, and vampire) her blood was able to cure Josie of the Malivore toxin.

Why does Lizzie hate hope Josie?

That’s on you!”) Lizzie eventually told Hope that she’s always hated her because she heard that Hope called her “witch bipolar.” Hope swore she’d never say that about someone, adding that she understands Lizzie’s issues better than anyone, given everything she experienced (and lost) growing up as a Mikaelson.

Does Lizzie kill Josie?

Lizzie had one of her episodes and went dark, paranoid, and Josie became her biggest threat. Lizzie became obsessed with winning and when she lost control, she killed Josie.

Who does Josie date?

Josie and Penelope begin dating at some point and were both in love with each other. However, Penelope broke her heart by dumping her and ever since they are frenemies.

Is Josie Saltzman pansexual?

One of its major characters, Josie Saltzman (Kaylee Bryant) has a bisexual arc so far, which has been dealt with pretty sensitively,” another fan said. … “Because Josie is pansexual, which means she’s attracted to anyone regardless of male, female, cis, trans, non-binary.

Who is stronger Lizzie or Josie?

The thing is, Lizzie has more rage, but Josie is smarter. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. There is no proof Josie is smarter. Both times Lizzie beat monsters on her own she outsmarted them using her brain not her magic.

Is Dark Josie stronger than hope?

Hope and Dark Josie-How strong are they? Hope has restrictions. It’s the difference between what she can do and what she will do. … Josie is no more powerful than Josie, she just has all of her restrictions removed.

What is Josie Saltzman middle name?

Josette “Josie” Olivia Saltzman is a major recurring character on The Vampire Diaries, a guest character on The Originals, and a main character on Legacies. She is one of the twin children of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Laughlin, the other being Lizzie.

What happened Josie Mayweather?

Josie Harris — Floyd Mayweather’s ex — died from the result of an accidental overdose of Rx medication, TMZ Sports has learned. We broke the story, Harris was found unresponsive in her car in front of her Valencia, Calif. family home back in March.

Who killed Hope’s mom in the originals?

Season five saw the death of fan-favourite Hayley Marshall-Kenner (played by Phoebe Tonkin), who was killed in episode six during a battle to save her family.

Does Hope get with Josie?

The Vampire Diaries and Originals spinoff is set to bring Hope Mikaelson and Josie Saltzman closer together after the Landon twists. … Unaware of Hope and, thus, their relationship, he had moved on, starting a relationship with Josie Saltzman.

Is Lizzie Saltzman a doppelganger?

Elizabeth Saltzman is a doppelganger and I am very excited to see flashbacks of their life together. I’m VERY excited (but that might be an understatement). True, but I’d hope she is. … A doppleganger only exists to counteract true immortals.

Why is hope a Tribrid?

The only living tribrid is Hope Mikaelson. She inherited her werewolf gene from her two parents while she got her vampire and witch legacy from her father, who is the original hybrid and the son of the original witch. Through her mother, who is descended from the Labonair family, Hope also carries the werewolf gene.

Is Hope older than Lizzie and Josie?

Hope is 2 years older than Josie and Lizzie. “When we were 14.” Is a mistake. Hope was 15 in season 5 of the Originals meanwhile the actress for the twins were still young as hell and only supposed to be 13. Josie and Lizzie had a sweet 16 in season 1 of Legacies meaning they were 15 at the beginning of the season.