How Do You Chat With Revolut?

Can you email Revolut?

You can send a complaint to I think!.

Is the Revolut app safe?

Until the banking license is fully approved, Revolut remains regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so current accounts are ring-fenced in a Barclays account. This means the money would be safe should any problems arise at Revolut.

Is Revolut a credit or debit card?

The Revolut card is a prepaid debit card so you won’t receive an account number or sort code but you will be able to make transactions online. … As you load up the card with the money from your bank account, your card will simply be declined if there is no balance there to use on your transaction.

Is Revolut an English bank?

What is Revolut? British financial technology company Revolut has been in the news frequently in recent months. The firm, which provides mobile app-based current accounts as an alternative to physical banks, has been referred by some as a “tech super star”.

Why is my Revolut not working?

The most common reasons for declined payments are insufficient funds, entering the wrong card details (PIN, expiry date or CVV), exceeding your monthly spending limit for your card, or disabling certain types of transactions in your card security settings. …

Where is Revolut based?

LondonRevolut Ltd is a British financial technology company headquartered in London, United Kingdom that offers banking services. It was founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko.

How do I report Revolut?

How to make a complaint. If you have a complaint, the best way is to contact us is via the in-app chat. Alternatively, you can submit a complaint form or contact the Complaints team via this address. If you want to make a complaint related to Revolut’s trading product, please click here.

Where is chat support in Revolut app?

Once you opened the app, the support function will be at the bottom of your screen. Best, Andreas K. Go to the Dashboard in the App and touch the Question Mark.

How do I talk to a real person at Facebook?

How to reach a real person at Facebook. Phone number: 650-543-4800 leads to an automated voice that says Facebook doesn’t offer customer support via phone “at this time.” Online support: The company steers all those needing assistance to its Help Center.

Is Revolut a real bank?

Legally speaking, we are an electronic money institution. … Though we are not the same as a traditional bank, your money is protected. Funds with Revolut remain safeguarded in accounts with a tier one UK bank, as per our obligations under the e-money regulations.

How does Revolut make money?

How does Revolut make money? There are subscription fees with the Premium and Metal accounts and Revolut also earns a nominal fee paid to it by merchants every time you spend on your Revolut Card. … Business customers also pay fees depending on their top-up limits.

Can I speak to someone at Revolut?

Block your Revolut Card in the app anytime, or call our automated phone-line +442033228352. This number is only used for receiving calls and Revolut customer support never makes outgoing phone calls from this number.

How good is Revolut?

The verdict. Revolut is really good for travelling. If you’re planning a holiday, or travel often for work, you can easily move the cash you need to your Revolut account, and then basically forget about extra fees. Fee-free spending abroad isn’t as unique as it used to be.

How many customers does Revolut have?

seven million customersRevolut has seven million customers overall, about 3.7 million active users each month and around 1.1 million active users per day.

How do you unfreeze a Revolut card?

On the web, you can do this by heading to the ‘Cards’ section, selecting the card you would like to freeze and in its setting, clicking ‘Freeze’. You can follow this same process to unfreeze the card anytime. On the mobile app, head to the ‘Cards’ section, select the card, and then “Freeze card”.

How do you live chat with Revolut?

How can I speak to a person for helpContact @AndreasK.In-app support chat. If you still have your phone, in the app click More and then Support. Type “live agent”. … Contact through Twitter or Facebook.

Can you use Revolut in the USA?

America, we come bearing good news in these uncertain times. Revolut, the financial super app trusted by more than 10 million people worldwide, has landed in the United States. Imagine, one app to manage your entire financial life. You can open a Revolut account in minutes, directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.