Question: What Is The Word For When Something Doesn’T Make Sense?

What does illogical thinking mean?

Illogical thinking refers to specific logical “bugs” in a rationalisation exercise.

The patient is asked to explain a behaviour (his/her own or someone else’s).

When their reasoning is intelligible and clearly seems perfectly rational overall, any small logical bug sticks out as a sore thumb..

What is the word for when something makes sense?

What is another word for makes sense?understandscomprehendshas knowledge ofregisterscrackscottons on tosees intomakes outsees daylightfinds out91 more rows

What’s the definition of illogical?

adjective. not logical; contrary to or disregardful of the rules of logic; unreasoning: an illogical reply.

What is another word for unclear?

What is another word for unclear?blurredblurryfoggyfuzzyhazyindistinctmistyunfocusedcloudeddim14 more rows

What is a fallacious argument?

A fallacy is the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning, or “wrong moves” in the construction of an argument. A fallacious argument may be deceptive by appearing to be better than it really is. … Arguments containing informal fallacies may be formally valid, but still fallacious.

What is a red herring fallacy?

A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion.

Does it make any sense?

“Does that make sense” is a phrase that creates uncertainty and doubt instead of being reassuring. It can imply that the other party is obliged to understand what was said.

What has a strong effect on someone or something?

influence. Influence is the power to have an important effect on someone or something. If someone influences someone else, they are changing a person or thing in an indirect but important way. … Influence is also a verb, from Latin influere to flow in.

What is the definition of biannual?

adjective. occurring twice a year; semiannual. occurring every two years; biennial.

What is it called when something doesn’t affect you?

unaffected. adjective. not changed or influenced by something.

What is fallacious?

adjective. containing a fallacy; logically unsound: fallacious arguments. deceptive; misleading: fallacious testimony. disappointing; delusive: a fallacious peace.

What’s another word for illogical?

What is another word for illogical?irrationalinvalidnonsensicalpreposterousridiculoussillysophisticstupidunfoundedunproved231 more rows

Is Unlogical a word?

transparx: no, Jack, i’m sorry…”illogical” refers to gibberish, that is, no logic whatsoever; “unlogical” means logically ill-formed (but still logical!) // i must say i like that! -> If unlogical means logical, it is an illogical word!

What are the 5 types of fallacies?

Common Logical FallaciesAd Hominem Fallacy. … Strawman Argument. … Appeal to Ignorance (argumentum ad ignorantiam) … False Dilemma/False Dichotomy. … Slippery Slope Fallacy. … Circular Argument (petitio principii) … Hasty Generalization.

What is illogical reasoning?

Illogical reasoning is reasoning based on logic strategies that are not valid. … Illogical reasoning may also arise from use of purported patterns and understanding that are readily disproved and that should be known as false, by the person attempting the reasoning.

What is the word for when something doesn’t make sense?

What is another word for not making sense?illogicalirrationalinvalidunreasonableabsurdfallaciousunsoundfaultyinconsistentincorrect238 more rows

What do lucid mean?

adjective. easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation. characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane: a lucid moment in his madness.

Does it make sense or make sense?

The correct way to say it is: “that makes sense.” This is because “that” is singular, so the singular form of to make (i.e., makes) should be used.

Is effecting a real word?

Usage: It is quite common for the verb effect to be mistakenly used where affect is intended. Effect is relatively uncommon and rather formal, and is a synonym of `bring about’. Conversely, the noun effect is quite often mistakenly written with an initial a.

What is a synonym for have an impact?

affect, influence, have an effect, have an influence, exert influence, make an impression, act, work. strike, hit, touch, change, alter, modify, transform, shape, control, govern, determine, decide, sway, bias. Word of the day. guddle.