What Countries Are Included In Sprint Open World?

What is Sprint premium international experience?

This Premium International Experience provides international long distance calls from the U.S.

to Canada & Mexico AND international roaming texts, calls and high-speed data in Canada and Mexico for no additional charge.

Unlimited Plans include: TV and movies you love with Hulu.

SD streaming and 500MB Mobile Hotspot..

Does sprint work in Brazil?

Upon arriving in Brazil you will need to power on the device and be sure it’s in “Sprint CDMA” to access voice and/or data services.

Is Sprint Free in Japan?

If you have a Sprint phone plan, you get free LTE roaming and text messaging in Japan on the Softbank network assuming you have a compatible phone (I had an iPhone 6s). I visited Hokkaido and Tokyo and had full LTE everywhere. You do not need the $5 Japan Roaming Plan to get LTE unless you want to make phone calls.

What is Sprint open world?

Sprint Open World offers free calling, texting, and 1GB of data when traveling in Canada, Mexico, and most other countries across Latin America. In addition, calling from the US to Canada and Mexico is included at no additional charge as well as discounts to other destinations. View rates.

How does Sprint International Roaming work?

Sprint Global Roaming enables international roaming nearly everywhere around the globe. In more than 200 featured destinations, text and basic data are included at no additional cost with calls only $0.25/minute. … Sprint Global Roaming is only available on LTE/GSM capable smartphones.

Does sprint work in Costa Rica?

Sprint is the only major carrier we’ve found that offers their customers a plan in Costa Rica without extra charges. You must sign up in advance for the “Open World” program which includes unlimited talk and text plus 1 GB of data.

Will my sprint phone work in Israel?

Upon arriving in Israel you will need to power on the device and be sure it’s in “Sprint CDMA” to access voice and/or data services.

What is VoLTE off or on?

VoLTE calls are voice calls made over the 4G LTE network. They have superior audio quality to regular phone calls made over the standard voice network. VoLTE lets you talk and use 4G LTE data simultaneously, and conduct up to six-way conference calls.

Is Sprint Global roaming free?

Basic data and text messaging is now available in 165 international destinations and high-speed data gets new pricing. Sprint customers can now get free basic data coverage and texting in 165 international destinations.

Does sprint work in DR?

Upon arriving in Dominican Republic you will need to power on the device and be sure it’s in “Sprint CDMA” to access voice and/or data services.

How do I activate international roaming on Sprint?

To activate international data roaming service:First, ensure you have used the device on the Sprint network at least once to access data.Next, you will need to enable international data roaming service by contacting Sprint Worldwide customer care at via chat or email from www.sprint.com/swwsupport.

How many countries does Sprint operate in?

FREE text & basic data in more than 200 worldwide destinations.

Can I use my Sprint phone internationally?

Sprint offers international roaming in more than 200 destinations around the world. Sprint Global Roaming is automatically enabled on all capable devices offering calls while roaming at just 25 cents a minute, free texting and unlimited basic data (up to 2G) in most destinations.

How do you use Sprint open world?

Sprint Customers can add the Open World feature to their plans for $5 a month through Sprint’s site, by visiting a Sprint retail store, or by contacting the carrier’s customer service line. This add-on is still worth it at $5 a month. Just use it before you travel and remove it when you get back home.

Can I call Dominican Republic with Sprint?

Sprint is taking a page out of rival T-Mobile’s book with free calling and texting to Canada and Mexico. The perk is part of a new, free add-on for domestic service plans, dubbed Open World, which also lets you call Latin America, the Dominican Republic, and more than 180 other countries starting at 5 cents a minute.

Does Sprint charge for data roaming?

Roaming minutes are treated as regular minutes on the Sprint network, and all the current Sprint plans include unlimited minutes of talk in the U.S. If your account includes unlimited minutes, you should see no additional charge for making calls while outside the Sprint network in the U.S. You may receive a charge, …