What Do U Think A Telebook Is?

What do you think a telebook is Brainly?

What do you think a telebook is .

Ans :- A telebook is a computer or television screen where all the lessons are shown..

What was Margie’s opinion about school?

Margie always hated school, but now she hated it more than ever. Her school was a virtual classroom. She hated it because her mechanical teacher was giving here test after test in geography which were very difficult for her and she was not faring well in the tests.

What is the difference between real book and telebook?

A real book is the book that we usually read. It is made of pages and the words are printed on them. On the other hand, a telebook is a book that could be read on screen. Words move on the screen for the students to read.

Why did Tommy call the book a waste?

Tommy called it as a waste because when he discovered it he started reading it and after that he find that the pages where not much interesting as the words were not moving as like on the mechanical teacher.

What did Class 9 do?

he is the county inspector he took the teacher away and inspected it . He found that the geography section of the teacher was geared little too quick . Then he set it to an average 10 year level .

Where was Margie’s school did she have any classmates?

Margie’s school was a virtual school in her house. It was located right next to her bedroom. No, she didn’t have classmates because the school was personalized for her.

What is the moral of the story the fun they had?

The moral is that however smart a mechanical(or robotic)teacher is,but there is no other thing that could teach us as good as a human teacher.

What did Margie hoped?

Answer: Margie hoped that the County Inspector would take away her mechanical teacher because she had performed poorly in all the geography tests and had developed a strong disliking for the school.

Why did Margie find the book strange?

THEY USED TO STUDY ON TELEVISION SCREEN WHERE THEY COULD READ MULTIPLE BOOKS ON THE SAME SCREEN. Margie and Tommy found the book strange because they hadn’t seen any printed book as they belong from 22 generation and they were surprised to see a real.

Why did Margie hate school why did she think?

Answer: Margie hated school because it was not fun. She had a mechanical teacher who used to teach her every day at a fixed time in her house. She hated the part when she had to insert the homework and test papers in the slot on the mechanical teacher.

Which subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?

Margie and Tommy learned geography, history and arithmetic.

What is a telebook?

A book made available in text on a television screen. They turned the pages, which were yellow and crinkly… and then, when they turned back to the page before, it had the same words on it… “Gee,” said Tommy. “What a waste.

What was Margie’s opinion about a human teacher?

Margie’s opinion on school She was stunned when she heard that the teacher who teaches at the school was a man. She also got to know that the school was a building were all the students went together,They all learned the same thing what the human teacher teaches,it was not as the teacher which Margie and Tommy had.

What message is conveyed through the story the fun they had?

Answer. The main theme in the short story “The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov is that of education. More specifically, the narrative deals with the future of education which will become increasingly computerized and estranged from social interactions.

What is the conflict in the fun they had?

The setting influences the story because the conflict in the story is man vs. society. In a way, Margie is against society because she does not like her current reformed educational system in the future.

What snag had Margie’s teacher?

The snag which margie’s mechanical teacher had developed was that its geography sector was “geared a little too quick” . This problem of the margie’s teacher was restified by the county inspector. He slowed up the geography sector of the teacher about a ten- year old child.