What Does POW Mean?

What does the abbreviation POW mean?

prisoner of warabbreviation for prisoner of war : He was a POW during the Vietnam war..

What type of word is POW?

Everyday Grammar: Pow! Whizz! What Are Onomatopoeia? … These are called onomatopoetic words.

What kind of word is POW?

Onomatopoeia is fun to say and onomatapoeic words can give your writing a sense of “boom boom pow,” words which are themselves examples of onomatopoeia.

What is Pow C?

pow() function in C CProgrammingServer Side Programming. The function pow() is used to calculate the power raised to the base value. It takes two arguments. It returns the power raised to the base value. It is declared in “math.

What does POW mean in war?

prisoner of warA prisoner of war (POW) is a non-combatant—whether a military member, an irregular military fighter, or a civilian—who is held captive by a belligerent power during or immediately after an armed conflict.

Is POW a word?

POW is a valid scrabble word.

What drug is powwow?

A BRAZEN drug dealer has revealed he mixes MDMA and Meow Meow with rat poison before selling it to unsuspecting Brits at festivals. The poison in the new drug, called ‘pow’, is said to give users “a little buzz” and gets them “hyperactive”.

What is a Mia?

MIA is used to describe members of the armed forces who do not return from a military operation but who are not known to have been killed or captured. MIA is an abbreviation for ‘missing in action. ‘

What do you call a person who makes sound effects?

A Foley artist is the person who creates this sound art. Foley artists use creativity to make viewers believe that the sound effects are actually real. The viewers should not be able to realize that the sound was not actually part of the filming process itself.