What Is A Triple OG?

What does OG all mean?

He might have meant “OG All”, meaning that the shoes he’s offering come with the original box, original laces, original insoles, etc..

What do Crips call each other?

Crips traditionally refer to each other as “Cuzz”, which itself is sometimes used as a moniker for Crip. “Crab” is the most disrespectful epithet to call a Crip, and can warrant fatal retaliation.

At what age are you considered an OG?

status is when you are officially able to sit the younger ones down, school them, and actually be respected for it. Traditionally, I think this is between 30-35 for women and 35-40 for men.

What does Triple OG mean?

noun. triple O.G. Very respected gangster, an O.G. is an original gangsta; triple O.G. is triple that. ”

What is a triple OG blood?

a. OOOG (“Triple OG”; “OG” is short for “Original Gangster”) b.

What is a double OG?

About Double OG. Double OG is a very potent indica-dominant strain that combines genetics from Big Bud, Afgoo, and regional favorite SFV OG Kush. … These hugs nugs cling together in a characteristically dense indica structure, with leaves curling tightly inward.