Who Does Spencer Marry In Pretty Little Liars?

Who are the couples in pretty little liars?

Pretty Little Liars Couples, Ranked1 Hanna & Caleb.

And then there was Hanna and Caleb Rivers.2 Aria & Ezra.

Another main couple would be Aria and Ezra Fitz.

3 Spencer & Toby.

One of the main couples on this show was Spencer and Toby Cavanaugh.

4 Emily & Maya.

5 Emily & Alison.

6 Mona & Mike.

7 Alison & Lorenzo.

8 Spencer & Marco.

More items…•.

Do Ezra and Aria have a baby?

After the second episode it was revealed that Aria and Ezra adopted a baby girl who they named Katherine Ella. It was also revealed that Aria’s first book will turn into a movie which will feature Reese Witherspoon.

Who shot Spencer?

Season 7. In “The Darkest Knight”, Spencer is shot by Uber A during the attack by Jenna and Noel.

Do Hanna and Caleb have a baby?

Caleb and Hanna also had some pretty revelatory news. They had their baby! The exciting news has reached Caleb’s portrayer, Tyler Blackburn. The Pretty Little Liars actor shared what he thought about The Perfectionists reveal that Caleb is a dad now!

Why is Alison afraid of Ezra?

When Ali ran away, she likely feared Ezra the most, because he was after her and the child. It’s why Alison was so prominent in everything they found in the lair in Ravenswood. … And could be wanting payback for what Alison did to him. I honestly think this is a big enough motive for someone to be Uber A.

Did Caleb cheat on Hanna?

He left Hanna with another broken heart, and in order to rid him of Rosewood, made it seem like he was cheating on Hanna with Miranda. (Which, if you saw the show, he kind of was.) He broke Hanna’s heart again and got on the bus to Bastardville to live among the cheating fathers and incestuous brothers of Rosewood.

Who does Spencer end up with in PLL?

TobyPretty Little Liars. Spencer and Toby lived happily ever after. Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King SWEARS. From the moment PLL aired its series finale, Spoby fans have been asking for confirmation that the couple did, in fact, end up together.

Who does Hanna marry in pretty little liars?

Pretty Little Liars. The final season of Pretty Little Liars gave fans a lot of happy endings: Emily and Alison were together, Hanna and Caleb were married, Ezra and Aria were married, and Spencer and Toby were reuniting. But Hanna and Caleb didn’t have the big wedding that Ezria did in the finale.

Who is the prettiest little liar?

How Shay Mitchell Became the Prettiest Little Liar. As the world’s most alluring lesbian sleuth on the cult-smash Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell is changing the face of TV—one tweet and Instagram at a time.

Does Spencer and Toby get married?

That’s right — Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Allen) got married! Pretty Little Liars fans were happy that Spoby were together on the series finale, but were desperate for more information. And now, they’ve got it!

Who were all the A’s in pretty little liars?

The A-TeamEmployees:Mona Vanderwaal Toby Cavanaugh Spencer Hastings Sara Harvey Lucas Gottesman Melissa Hastings Noel Kahn Jenna Marshall Sydney Driscoll Aria Montgomery Wren Kingston Mary DrakeEnemies:Alison DiLaurentis Aria Montgomery Emily Fields Hanna Marin Spencer Hastings Mona Vanderwaal14 more rows

Do Ezra and Aria get married?

In a happy ending, Ezra and Aria are finally married. … Aria tells her friends that she and Ezra plan to look into adoption after their honeymoon. Spencer says that Toby is staying in the area to help veterans, and Hanna says she is pregnant.